Requirements to become a member of QcABA

Regular ($30.00)
: Completed a university bachelor program in a related field (see footnote 1) and employed utilizing behaviour analysis principles for at least one year (see footnote 2).

Sustaining ($60.00): Same requirements as Regular members. The names of Sustaining members will be published in the newsletter.

Student ($20.00$): Registered full-time in an university program in a related field.

Affiliate ($20.00): Do not meet requirements, but interested in supporting the mission of QcABA (e.g. parents).

(1) Examples of related fields in university programs: psychology, psychoeducation, education.
(2) You must have used applied behaviour analysis as part of your work for a minimum of 1 year (1,500 hours) to be eligible for Regular or Sustaining membership.

To become a member of QcABA , please fill the membership form under the page “Becoming a member”